Biomarker Tracker

A data-driven tool to help people understand, assess and take positive actions to improve their health.

A Data-Driven Approach to Your Health

Biomarker Tracker is a data-driven tool to help people understand, assess and take positive actions to improve their health.

Rise of Lifestyle Diseases: According to the World Health Organization, currently over 60% of global deaths are caused by non-communicable diseases (NCD). Also known as "lifestyle diseases,” these killers include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic lung disease, and various cancers. These diseases are primarily associated with four risk factors: poor diet, physical inactivity, tobacco usage and excessive alcohol.

Commitment to Wellness and Preventive Medicine: International, national, and local organizations have committed to improving health, people are taking ownership about their health, and there is an alignment towards wellness, preventing diseases and decreasing deaths (and costs) caused by lifestyle diseases.

Lack of Digital Tools for Health Needs: While society is increasingly digitized with smartphone usage, ecommerce and social networks, we are lacking digital tools to understand and improve our health, especially in Southeast Asia, where access to health care is limited and a high percentage of the population is un- or under-insured.

A Digital Health Tool to Understand Biomarkers and Optimize Health:

We are a health analytics product. Using blood biomarkers and other tracking data, we supply the data-driven platform for your health data and lab results. We use data to help people better understand and optimize their health. Through partner labs, we provide a suite of blood test panels (basic, advanced and performance). We then provide a health score, risk assessment and recommended actions.

By using big data analytics and machine learning, we can also help societies and organizations better understand health trends, prevent sickness and disease, and improve employee and citizen wellness. Our vision is to transform health data into healthy behaviors.

What’s Next? We recently launched our Open Source Biomarker and Blood Tests Database to help people understand their blood test results, and we are in active development of our first product. We care about our customers and our world, so we are actively seeking feedback, advice and support from partners, investors, and healthcare and wellness professionals.

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